J6 Ltd cost reduction

You need J6 if...

If you are unsure about the answer to any of these questions, J6 can add value  

  • Do you have access to buying power of over £500m to help negotiate better pricing? - Click here to see how our £500m buying power can work for you
  • Do you know what your competitors pay for similar services?
  • Do you fully understand the different tariffs available for telecoms and utilities?
  • Do you regularly renegotiate prices with all key suppliers?
  • Are you sure that suppliers do not offer subtle inducements to your staff? 
  • Does your utility spend profile match your business profile?

Wise buying - every business can do with a helping hand

Even the most experienced procurement manager cannot do it all alone. You’re probably juggling with reducing costs and maintaining quality and you may also be trying to meet environmental, fair trade, equal opportunities as well as health and safety targets. Not to mention the reduction of CO2 emissions. Because you are dealing with so many day to day issues, having a specialist partner with industry knowledge and significant buying power can boost and complement your procurement strategy and still leave you in complete control of all relationships.


Points to note

  • J6 is an independent organisation and does not sell products or represent suppliers.
  • J6 prefers not to introduce new suppliers unless it is essential in achieving the best result for the client (or at the specific request of the client).
  • The client ultimately decides which report recommendations to pursue.
  • With client approval, current suppliers are promptly informed of J6’s involvement.
  • Confidentiality is assured with a signed confidentiality clause.
  • Sector experts are brought in by J6 (at no cost to our clients) for cost areas where specialist assistance is required.


A risk free proposition

J6 has clients ranging from small firms to large multinational corporations as well as public sector organisations. Our expertise can be used to reduce cost and improve buying processes in any organisation. If no savings are identified then there is no charge for our service.     

Contact us to find out how we can help you to reduce costs, without compromising quality.


What J6 brings to your organisation

  1. Buying power of over £500m
  2. Market knowledge of complex tariffs and up to date deals
  3. Access to benchmark pricing information for your sector
  4. Knowledge of best practice procurement methods
  5. Access to unique technology to help you buy better
  6. Project management resources to help implement new processes
  7. Expertise in making sustainable savings in 26 overhead categories