J6 Ltd cost reduction

J6 Market Price Tracker Programme

A unique service to help you save you even more

Once we have completed our initial savings review, the J6 Market Price Tracker Programme is an ongoing service to help ensure that our clients continually buy as competitively as possible across a number of key overhead categories:

- Electricity & Gas
- Telecoms (fixed and mobile)
- Stationery & computer consumables
- Document storage
- Photocopiers
- Other categories

The market is constantly changing - keeping up to date is a challenge

Nowadays it is extremely time-consuming to keep up to date on new tariffs, promotions and new suppliers entering the market. J6 is constantly tracking changes in the market and updating our powerful database. We use this valuable information to inform clients where they can make additional savings.

How the J6 Market Price Tracker Programme works

All J6 customers can join our Market Price Tracker Programme. We tailor the service to suit your needs by conducting regular reviews with you to identify areas where further savings can be made, whether due to changes in your business, or to new developments in the market of which J6 will be aware.

New prices can usually mean instant savings (but only if you spot them)

To remain competitive, suppliers sometimes reduce their prices but without immediately updating existing customers. For example when Telecoms rates are reduced, J6 will immediately contact you and ensure that savings are immediately passed on, rather than on the anniversary of the contract.

Peace of mind that you are always buying competitively

Being part of the J6 Market Price Tracker Programme means that you will always know that your organisation is buying as competitively as possible across a range of complex expenditure categories, without doing all of the detailed research and analysis yourself.

“We found that the J6 Market Price Tracker Programme has helped us to continue to implement an ongoing cost reduction strategy”.


“J6 are very good at informing us of relevant price changes which can be implemented without impacting on product or service quality”.


“…in fact, we rarely need to change suppliers – we use the J6 Market Price Tracker Service to keep existing suppliers as competitive as possible”.

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