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Next Generation e-procurement

J6 has developed Next Generation e-procurement technology which combines four key elements of traditional e-procurement systems into one modern strategy:

1. e-tendering: Suppliers of office supplies and stationery are invited to tender by demonstrating their service quality and capability to deliver a range of products. Several suppliers are then selected to participate in the e-procurement strategy.


2. e-marketsites: all suppliers are linked to a site containing the full catalogue of products for the contract and upload their prices. The site has full functionality for a buyer to search for products and place orders instantly online to any selected supplier.


3. e-reverse auctioning: every time a buyer wishes to place an order, the site will work out the most competitive price for the basket of products and present the buyer with the supplier with the lowest price


4. e-informing: the buyer has access to full reporting on the site and can see who is buying and which products are being bought. This enables the buyer to continually make adjustments to the approved product catalogue and ensure compliance across the organisation.


The result is Mintprice.com


Start saving today with Mintprice.com, our unique Next Generation office supplies e-procurement system

J6 uses the latest Internet technology to help you save money. Our brand, Mintprice.com is the world’s first price comparison site for “baskets of products”, enabling clients to achieve cost savings on items such as office supplies and stationery.

Mintprice.com is the first ever cost comparison site for office supplies and it can cut between 20% and 65% off your current spend on over 20,000 everyday office supplies items including printer cartridges, stationery, computer accessories, cleaning products and catering supplies.


How Mintprice.com gives you the best price, every time you order

  1. You input your office supplies order on the Mintprice.com website
  2. Mintprice.com instantly shops around with several quality suppliers for the best price
  3. You select the supplier with the best price and place your order through Mintprice.com
  4. You save anything from 20% to over 65% off the prices you are currently paying
  5. You buy the same brands with the same delivery service – there is no loss of quality


The benefits to your business

  • Save money - every time you place an order, you get the best price
  • Improve visibility of expenditure - take full control of all office supplies spend
  • Compliance - get everyone using the same system, regardless of location
  • Control – decide what staff can order by setting standard “favourites”
  • Analysis – access real-time reports showing what was ordered and by who
  • Rapid implementation – anyone with a browser can use Mintprice.com today
  • No expertise required – unskilled staff can use Mintprice.com without training
  • No set up costs – the service is free to use
  • Flexibility – we can deliver to multiple locations


Mintprice.com is tried and tested

The system is tried and tested with over one thousand satisfied business and home users. They have all moved away from traditional procurement methods and are saving money with Mintprice.com.


Why not put Mintprice.com to the test and start saving today?

It is easy to test Mintprice.com – simply dig out your last office supplies invoice, input the same items into our webshop and compare the total price. Your current supplier may promote a few high profile “loss leaders” with very keen prices but the overall price on a basket of products will be much cheaper at Mintprice.com.

We would like to invite you to test Mintprice.com and start saving money today. Click here to visit the site.

Finally, if you spend more than £15,000 each year on office supplies and stationery, contact us for details of our Mintprice.com Contract site - the prices will compete with any contract stationery supplier - read this article to find out how.



What J6 brings to your organisation

  1. Buying power of over £500m
  2. Market knowledge of complex tariffs and up to date deals
  3. Access to benchmark pricing information for your sector
  4. Knowledge of best practice procurement methods
  5. Access to unique technology to help you buy better
  6. Project management resources to help implement new processes
  7. Expertise in making sustainable savings in 26 overhead categories