J6 Ltd cost reduction

Why use a specialist?

You know there are savings to be made in your business, but...

  • You don't have the time to continually renegotiate every overhead contract
  • You don't have enough information to identify where you can make significant savings
  • You are concerned about weakening key supplier relationships
  • It is hard to get staff to challenge suppliers where they have comfortable relationships

By using J6 to provide additional support to your buying department, even the most successful buying department can reduce expenditure on overheads and improve the bottom line:


J6 will provide market knowledge - so you will know what your competitors and others pay and what different tarriffs are right for your business today and in the future

J6 has an extensive database of market pricing knowledge - we can quickly tell you how much you should be spending on key services


J6 will provide more buying power - because you may not spend enough with suppliers to give you additional negotiating power

J6 has access to buying power of over £500m across a range of overhead categories and we use this to leverage better deals for our customers


J6 will provide negotiating skills - because not everybody enjoys or has the skills to negotiate better prices with suppliers

J6 negotiates "win-win" contracts for a living on behalf of our customers - we're good at it!


J6 will help to maintain relationships - to ensure that key suppliers maintain quality levels can be tricky when asking for lower prices

J6 knows how to keep suppliers happy and at the same time get the best deal for our customers


J6 will help manage change - it is sometimes hard to overcome staff resistance to changes with suppliers

J6 has experience in helping our customers implement change and get staff buy-in without impacting morale


J6 will support your management team - there are so many other priorities and too little time to spend on continually renegotiating contracts

That's why we're here - we provide you with additional resources, doing the leg work for you, so you can concentrate on other things



What J6 brings to your organisation

  1. Buying power of over £500m
  2. Market knowledge of complex tariffs and up to date deals
  3. Access to benchmark pricing information for your sector
  4. Knowledge of best practice procurement methods
  5. Access to unique technology to help you buy better
  6. Project management resources to help implement new processes
  7. Expertise in making sustainable savings in 26 overhead categories