J6 Ltd cost reduction

Code of conduct

Our adoption of the ACMC (Association of Cost Management Consultants) code of practice is your guarantee that J6 consistently works to high standards. Our code of conduct is detailed below.


1. J6 will seek to build sustainable business relationships based on honesty, integrity, openness, and fairness in our dealings.


2. A Member/Client Agreement will comprise at least:

  • A scope
  • A period of validity
  • Duties of Client and Member
  • Basis of fees / charges
  • Cancellation and termination clauses
  • Mutual confidentiality clause


3. J6 will to disclose the source of our fees to each Client.


4. In most cases, information supplied by a Client will have been disclosed under a Confidentiality Agreement.  Regardless of the existence of such an Agreement, J6 will not make use of information except for the purpose it was provided.  In particular, information provided by a Client will not be used in an inappropriate manner, or to the detriment of the Client.


5. J6 recognises the importance of communication in maintaining a good business relationship.  To this end, J6 will maintain professional, timely communication with all Clients.


6. Clients should be able to make decisions based on good quality information presented clearly and concisely, in a timely manner, and with neither positive nor negative bias.


What J6 brings to your organisation

  1. Buying power of over £500m
  2. Market knowledge of complex tariffs and up to date deals
  3. Access to benchmark pricing information for your sector
  4. Knowledge of best practice procurement methods
  5. Access to unique technology to help you buy better
  6. Project management resources to help implement new processes
  7. Expertise in making sustainable savings in 26 overhead categories