J6 Ltd cost reduction

See how our £500m buying power can work for you

J6's £500m buying power

Over the past 13 years, J6 has amassed significant buying power by continually re-negotiating contracts for our clients across 26 overhead categories.

Our buying power now totals more than £500m.

This buying power, combined with good relationships with key tier 1 suppliers is a valuable asset which we share with our clients.

Few independent companies have such buying power and supplier relationships. By combining this buying power with specialist market knowledge across a range of overhead categories, we make sustainable savings for our clients.

If you want to get some idea of the savings that we could help make in your organisation, try our three minute cost reduction calculator - you may be surprised at the results.

Please contact us to arrange for a brief no-obligation meeting where we will give you an illustration of the savings available to your business.