J6 Ltd cost reduction

Welcome to J6

There are several reasons for implementing a cost reduction strategy in your organisation:

  • We simply need to improve the bottom line in our business to increase our value
  • We need to release funds for investment in growing the business
  • Our EBITDA targets are challenging and we need to be as lean as possible
  • Our "no-waste" culture includes a focus on getting the best deal for the organisation


J6 is here to help

Creating a sustainable overhead cost reduction strategy for your organisation is a specialist task, and that's why more and more businesses are turning to procurement experts J6.

  • We provide valuable resources to support your buying team
  • We help implement sustainable cost reduction strategies which boost profits
  • We specialise in all non-staff related overhead categories
  • We work for some of the UK's leading businesses as well as smaller organisations
  • Our approach ensures that you maintain supplier quality and staff morale
  • We validate existing contracts and arrange credit where you have been overcharged
  • We reduce the effect of staff inducements which cost your company money
  • We don't get involved in politics
  • We balance the need to maintain good supplier relationships with the best prices
  • We deliver continuous savings with our Market Price Tracker Programme

"We use J6 cost reduction services because they add significant value to our business by giving our buying team access to technology, buying power and industry pricing knowledge that we do not have in-house".


Click here to organise a free J6 procurement benchmarking report and see where your company could make savings and improve buying process efficiency.


What J6 brings to your organisation

  1. Buying power of over £500m
  2. Market knowledge of complex tariffs and up to date deals
  3. Access to benchmark pricing information for your sector
  4. Knowledge of best practice procurement methods
  5. Access to unique technology to help you buy better
  6. Project management resources to help implement new processes
  7. Expertise in making sustainable savings in 26 overhead categories